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5 Design Ideas to Create the Home You Deserve


There is no place like home.

It’s your private space. A sanctuary from the daily grind. A place where memories are made. That’s why it’s important to design a home that is functional, livable and pleasing to the eye.

Here are 5 home design ideas you may want to consider before building or renovating your home:


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Great wall interior design starts with materials that are durable and resistant to damage. Compared to conventional wood materials, the real HardieFlex durable fiber cement board for walls are resistant to damage caused by fire, water and termites.


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Whether it’s panelized, tiled or curved, a striking residential ceiling design adds personality to any room. Consider HardieFlex ceilings which areresistant to damager caused y moisture – perfect for wet area applications, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry areas.

Eaves & Roof

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The Real HardieFlex Eaves are great for those clean lines on your façade. Aside from looking good, eaves help regulate temperature and moisture level under the roof and promote better ventilation inside the home.

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Highlight your home’s unique roof design by installing the Real HardieFlex Senepa. This versatile board is suitable for all sorts of houses, preventing water and vermin from entering the structure through the eaves line.


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Add that industrial look to your home with fiber cement cladding! It’s a durable mixture of sand, cement, and cellulose applied to the exterior of a building. To be sure, use the real HardieFlex ficem boards so that your exteriors are protected from fire, termites, rot and water damage.

Finally, save yourself from the headaches and unnecessary costs of home repair. Invest only in quality, durable materials like the original HardieFlex fiber cement boards.

If you like any of these ideas (or have some of your own), call us today and we’ll help you design the home you truly deserve!