5 Tips for Reorganizing Your Home

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5 Tips for Reorganizing Your Home


Coming home to disarray rooms filled wall-to-wall with furniture and miscellaneous items is tiring. There are times when closets start overflowing or storage boxes become miniature rooms on their own and reorganizing feels like a wish that can only be fulfilled by fairy godmothers.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming or impossible; reorganizing your home is a liberating experience that can also make it feel brand new. Follow these 5 quick tips to get the process started and make it more manageable. 

Tip 1: One Area at a Time

Trying to fix all rooms at the same time can become chaotic and you might end up disorganizing rather than reorganizing. Instead, choose one space or room to begin. Think about the area’s purpose, the necessary items, and how much space you have to work with. From there, you can start emptying out the clutter and deciding what kind of storage fits.

Tip 2: Remember V.A.F. (Visibility, Accessibility, and Flexibility)

When attempting to reorganize your home, remember these three concepts: Visibility, Accessibility, and Flexibility. 

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First is visibility: you should be able to easily see or find the items you need in any room. You can select from a variety of transparent containers or those that are easily labeled or different shelves to make life easier. Consider what kind of items you’ll need per space and then you’ll figure out which containers work best. 

Second is accessibility: items you need most must also be the most easily accessed. For example, your favorite non-stick pan shouldn’t be tucked away in the highest shelf if you’re using it regularly. And rarely used appliances don’t always have to stay on the kitchen counter. Reorganize based on what you need to use.

Last is flexibility: choose storage that adapts to your lifestyle. Find storage systems that can be easily maneuvered, reused, or redesigned so you can still use them even if life calls for change. Consider switching out larger, more permanent storage systems with multiple mobile cabinets or open shelves that work with simple dividers.      

Tip 3: Get Creative

Get stackable organizers, try a bed with built-in drawers, use out-in-the-open containers for small items in the kitchen, buy a couch that has hidden compartments, choose stylish fonts for your labels, or allow units like shelves to store multiple types of items.

Have fun with your reorganization and let your creativity flow. There are many solutions to utilizing different spaces all over the house in order to create additional storage. Work with what fits your personality and needs. 

Tip 4: Utilize Walls & Ceilings 

Consider your walls and ceilings as extra real estate for storing items, especially if floor-space is running low. Try adding hanging shelving units that dangle from the ceiling or make use of different hooks on empty walls. You can even try tables (or other furniture) that fold into your walls.


Source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/9...

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Tip 5: Allot Enough Time

Organizing your home properly cannot happen overnight. From deciding which space to work on, to sorting out items, and buying or installing storage units, the entire project is time consuming.  

Figure out what kind of schedule works best for you. You can set aside a few hours each day to get started and keep the process going until you’ve accomplished your goals. Press on and gently remind yourself that the entire process of reorganizing your home takes a substantial amount of time but it’s not impossible to accomplish and that the results are worth the struggle. 

The process of reorganization requires work but it doesn’t have to be extremely complicated. Keep these tips in mind and always tell yourself that you deserve a home that’s comfortable, beautiful, and fitting for your family’s life. 

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