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5 Ways to Let More Natural Light into Your Home. It's Possible™.


Lighting is everything, and when it comes to your home there’s more to it than lamps and bulbs. Natural lighting or daylighting helps your house look more warm and welcoming. On top of that, it can help you save on energy as a bright home during daytime means you can keep the lights off. Here are 5 ways to let more natural light in, especially when renovating your home.

Natural Light Tip 1: Choose light colors


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The color of a room matters, especially if it has limited light coming in. White ceilings add a sense of space. Meanwhile lighter colors for the walls help reflect light better. Even for the floors a lighter colored material helps brighten up the space. Just be sure to pick paints of materials that are not too reflective. Paints with a matte finish are a good option as they are not too shiny, but have enough gloss for wiping down.

Natural Light Tip 2: Add mirrors to your decor


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Just like how light colors help reflect light in a room, a mirror has the same effect. By placing a mirror opposite to your light source, like a small window, the light bounces off and will help make the room feel bigger.

You can do this anywhere in the house like your rooms, bathrooms, and hallways.

Natural Light Tip 3: Consider larger windows or windowed doors

When you plan your renovations a bigger window might be a good idea. Windows are the most common source for daylighting. Planning the right size and height will help in letting more natural light in your room.

You can also consider doors with glass panels or inserts as they can help light up entries and hallways. Another unique approach to this is glass blocks for portions of external walls.

Natural Light Tip 4: Think about where you place your furniture and decor


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Like we mentioned earlier, placing a mirror in the right spot helps make a room feel bigger because of how it bounces around the natural light coming in. Similarly, if we don't carefully plan where we put our decor we might be limiting the light that we have. So we have to be sure that the sofa we are putting in is not blocking the windows, or maybe the curtain we want to use is not covering up the daylight we want to let in.

Natural Light Tip 5: Use reflective tiles to spread more light

Sometimes we can’t help it if we live in places that have little light to go around. But, there is a way to maximize daylighting and that is by using more reflective tiles and other elements. These will help spread the light around your space. Choosing reflective tiles with lighter colors will help open up your space and make it cozier. Your dream home doesn’t happen overnight and we know it takes a  lot of careful planning. We hope these tips will help you as you work towards it. If renovating your walls and ceilings is part of the plan then please check out our online store to find HardieFlex® NexGen™ fiber cement boards with MoldBlock™ technology.

For more home improvement tips, project inspirations, and product information, visit our website. From dream home to your home, #ItsPossible with James Hardie.


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