5 Tips to Make Accessorizing Simpler

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5 Tips to Make Accessorizing Simpler


This is where proper accessorizing comes in. Let’s dive into 5 tips that’ll make your design experience a little easier and more enjoyable. 


Tip 1: Make it Personal 

Think of accessorizing your room the same way you’d choose jewelry or statement pieces for your outfits. They’re often the final addition to your look but they effectively elevate your style with ease. 


Your personality and preference should shine when adding accessories to your room. Work with the aesthetic you have in mind and select items that compliment your style. Allow your creative juices to flow and make use of whatever space you have. Do you enjoy reading books? How about a wooden crate with books that guests can easily choose from? Or a well-dressed bookshelf that oozes with personal flair? 


Enjoy designing and unleash your inner artist. 


Tip 2: Greenery goes a long way 

Consider bringing the outdoors in by adding little bits of greenery or indoor plants to your accessories. This adds a refreshing feel to your room with a brilliant pop of color that can contrast many of your items, whether big or small. 


Try incorporating indoor plants into your groups of accessories in order to highlight certain pieces. You can also spruce up bookshelves or dining room tables with foliage and flowers for more freshness and vibrance. Consider brightly colored flowers to add a pop of color to dimly-lit studies or home offices. 


Tip 3: Lights add life

We’re way past the days of using plain overhead lights to illuminate spaces. Look for creatively designed lighting fixtures that work with your aesthetic. Consider the different colors and intensities that lights offer and match them with your room’s mood. If you want an easy and cost-effective method for controlling the levels of lighting in any room, then install a dimmer switch.  

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Given the wide variety of lighting options, you can definitely find a piece that fits your fancy. Why not try a tall floor lamp in your study? Or a statement piece that serves as a focal point for your dining room? Some shelves benefit from small, well-placed lamps and add an extra bit of flare. It rarely hurts to add a little more lighting. 


Tip 4: Balance: Number, size, & grouping 

Accessorizing is a balancing act with different elements such as visual weight, size, quantity, and color. Scattering small items in a large room might look messy while having gigantic pieces in smaller rooms looks overwhelming. Look at the size of your space, what furniture you’re working with, and the current color palette; from there you can start imagining a more cohesive and balanced look. 


Think about making groups of items or vignettes that tell a story or make a statement. Grouping items together can help create focal points in your room but try not to stick too many items together (the space might look like an antique shop). Mix and match accessories of varying sizes, like a tall vase with a few smaller decorative ornaments, and work within the same color palette for a beautiful blend.   


As a simple rule, group items in odd numbers as they are typically more pleasing to the eye. 


Tip 5: Layer with love

Bringing every element of your space together to form a unified look is no easy task. You’ll have to remember the different aspects that must come together in every room: the color, your walls, flooring, lighting, soft elements, furniture, artwork, and other accessories. Each individual aspect should mesh well and this can be achieved by creating layers. 

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Work with the main color first and build layers from there (look at the paint or wallpaper for starters). From here, you’ll figure out what palette to work with for accessories that complement the look and feel of your space. And then you can start incorporating different textures and patterns for an added dimension. Grouping helps create focal points and also adds more layers to the room – try mixing in pillows of different sizes and shapes in the master bedroom for extra depth. 


Have fun with your layering but if things get a tad overwhelming, take a step back and look at the room from a distance or different perspective. From there, you can adjust as needed. 


The beauty of accessorizing is its versatility. When your interests change, pivotal events happen, or seasons pass, there’s always a chance to switch up different items to match. For example, many Filipinos switch out their daily table runners with more festive, red selections whenever Christmas approaches. Or when couples have kids they opt for softer and safer elements. At any time, your house can become a dream home you’ll love – just add a few trinkets!


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