6 Simple Ideas for your Bedroom Rework

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6 Simple Ideas for your Bedroom Rework

Bedrooms let us quietly escape from the world for a bit of unwinding and relaxing. Personalizing and retouching the look of your bedroom every now and then can help reinforce the relaxing nature of the space. Here are 7 simple ideas that can have a huge effect on your bedroom’s overall feel! 

Source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/930767447963167410/

Idea 1: Wall hacks 

Mixing up what you hang on your bedroom wall is an easy way to refresh your bedroom’s look. Try moving around the different art pieces or exchanging current paintings for photos of your loved ones (pets included). If you can’t decide which artworks or pictures to hang up, you can set up a gallery wall with a mix of multiple pieces that will liven up your bedroom in an instant. 

Idea 2: Why not wallpaper? 

Want a new look for your bedroom walls without having to stress over repainting? Try using wallpaper! They come in a wide variety of designs ranging from solid colors to creative patterns that are perfect for people that are willing to explore new looks but not ready to commit to an extensive paint job. 

Idea 3: Store things in style 

Rather than hiding your prized collection of shoes, vinyl records, or designer bags, why not dedicate a small space to display them, almost like decor? You can mount sturdy shelving units onto walls and showcase your favorite collections or explore non-standard nightstands, like a small rustic stepladder, to display books and other small items. This adds an extra layer of personality to your room, a touch of style, and extra storage space. 

Idea 4: Switch up the lights 

Switching up the lighting fixtures in your bedroom can change the overall vibe. You can add a small chandelier for a little dramatic elegance or a stylish sconce if you want to spruce up your walls. On top of adjusting the fixtures, you can also consider the amount of illumination in your room; a good amount of lighting is excellent for turning up the mood but too much of it can turn your restful space into a fast food chain. Matching the energy of the bedroom to your typical activities is a must! 

Idea 5: Green is good 

A touch of green freshness never hurts; in fact it can help air circulation and filtration! Adding a small indoor plant near your nightstand or by the window adds a pop of color and a refreshing feel to the entire bedroom. Just be sure to keep them away from high-traffic areas to avoid spilling soil all over the floor. It’s never too late to test out your green thumb! 

Source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/930767447959056132/

Idea 6: Add a headboard, add style! 

Adding a beautiful headboard can help complete your bedroom’s look and feel. It instantly creates a focal point in your bedroom that allows you to introduce different colors, textures, and patterns without having to repaint walls or remove wallpaper. The look of your headboard can be paired with your bed sheets and pillows to add an extra layer of aesthetic to the room. 

Whatever you decide to do, hopefully your bedroom becomes a space you’ll fall in love with again. To find more inspiration for renovations, discover more projects on our website.