6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Space

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6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Space


Updating the look of your house is part of creating a home you’ll love everyday. Thankfully, a major renovation isn’t the only method of revitalizing your home. Take a look at these 5 small projects you can do to make your home feel new again! 

#1. Fresh Paint, Fresh Start!  

A fresh coat of paint is an easy endeavor to revitalize any room in your home; you can even DIY or make it a family activity! A brand new color for an old, drabby room can definitely turn up the mood in an instant. Not willing to redo the whole room? Try adding an accent wall with a bold color to add a powerful contrast. 

If you’re not sure what new color to choose, think about the room’s function. For example, a living room that hosts party guests will benefit from brighter, energetic colors like orange or red. And other than the room’s function, you may also want to check out current design trends or even color of the year, Pantone® for a little inspiration. 

Bonus tip: Finding pegs and setting up a mood board can help make the decision easier.

#2. Making a New Space

A massive open space has a refreshing feel, but sometimes you need a new place to get a little work done or a spot for your kids to play in. You can add partition walls to split up some of your larger spaces and practically make a new room! Then, you can transform it into a study or playroom. Consider using HardieFlex® Fiber Cement boards for the job! 

Bonus tip: You can finish partition walls in a number of ways; from paint, wallpapers, tiles, and much more. Think of it as a fresh wall to design! 

#3. New Light = New Life 

Adding a new light source can be a new life for any room! Having access to natural light works wonders but typically requires the installation of windows and whatnot. But don’t worry, even artificial lighting has the power to improve the mood and look of your room.

Poor lighting in rooms often leads to a stuffy and cramped vibe but you can remedy this by simply adding a few floor or table lamps around to improve the energy and make the room feel more welcoming. If you’re willing to do a little rewiring (or hiring an electrician), replacing your older ceiling fixtures with more up-to-date pieces adds a fresh focal point to your room. 

Bonus tip: Always make sure the lights actually do the job of illuminating (unless you’re going for a batcave feel). 

#4. Upgrading Handles 

Broken handles ruin good cabinets. Old and drabby ones age the entire kitchen. Sometimes you don’t notice just how old the drawer pulls in your kitchen are since you’re just automatically reaching for them to get what’s inside. Knobs, handles, and drawer pulls seem small but they affect the entire look of your kitchen (or any room with cabinets really). 

Deciding to update these handles is easy, choosing might be more difficult given the wide variety of styles available in the market today. Copper, brass, gold, or stainless steel — these are just some of the different finishes you’ll find in stores nowadays. The choice depends entirely on what look you’re going for. Here are some quick questions to help you decide: Modern or vintage? Rustic or chic? Contrasting or complimentary? 

Bonus tip: make sure you can grab the handles easily (even with wet hands) and that they don’t get caught in your clothes (this will save you from a few unwanted holes in your outfit). 

#5. Clean, Clean, Clean! 

Have you ever done a deep clean for one room and someone comments “wow, this place looks brand new!”? That’s the true power of cleaning and decluttering; removing all the smudges and dirt plus reducing clutter equals a fresh face for your rooms. It’s also a great first step when you’re not too sure what to do in order to revamp your home. 

Bonus tip: Cleaning is more fun with the family and a little music! 

#6. More Storage Means More Space

Here’s a great tip for reducing clutter around your home: add more storage! Another way going about decluttering is reorganizing things and prioritizing what should be seen at certain times of the year. But choosing what to keep out requires a place to put things in, and the right amount of storage can drastically reduce clutter and improve the spacing at home. 

Other than small accessories, you may have some necessities that could use a little organizing into storage. Tools are an excellent example of such items. On top of keeping the house neat and spacious, having a proper place to deposit things prevents you from losing them. 

Bonus tip: Not all containers have to be opaque plastic drawers or freestanding cabinets. You may also want to consider a wooden shelving unit to display any collection. Just be careful not to fill your house with storage units! 

Changing up the mood in your home can freshen up the feel and make everyday a little brighter! And a few small improvements can have the biggest effect. Hopefully you find a method that works best for your home!