8 Tips to Make your Kitchen Renovation Easier

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8 Tips to Make your Kitchen Renovation Easier


Kitchen renovations are exciting but can also be stressful; they are expensive and time-consuming. However, they are also excellent investments that can make you fall in love with your home again and even increase its overall value. Here are 8 quick tips that can help make your kitchen renovation easier, smoother, and more enjoyable! 


Tip 1: Proper planning comes first

Plan out your kitchen before diving into the renovation process and be thorough right from the start. Ask yourself “what goes on in our family’s kitchen?” and figure out what matches your lifestyle. Do you often host gatherings and need space to entertain guests? Do the kids hangout in the kitchen after school? What aesthetic do you want to go for? By answering these questions, you can figure out which aspects of the kitchen you’ll need to prioritize and how you’ll map out the space to fit your workflow. 

Apart from the lifestyle queries, you should also consider your entire kitchen’s current condition: can some of the cabinets be saved? Do the windows need to be overhauled as well? What appliances can be kept? A few salvageable items can help decrease the overall cost of your renovation. 

Lastly, planning requires a technical look into behind-the-wall structures that are important for any kitchen: the gas lines, electrical lines, and plumbing. Moving these around will drastically drive up your costs. Try to work with their current placement to save you time and loads of money. 

Extra tip: Get the family involved when planning! Kids might appreciate things that adults sometimes overlook and they can even bring fun, quirky ideas to the table. 

Tip 2: The budget is your buddy 

Reworking your kitchen is not cheap and setting a budget is a must. Decide which aspects are essential for your kitchen, think about functionality, and research, or ask an expert, if you’re unsure of costing. 

Unbudging budgets are ideal, but keep in mind that any renovation project has its surprises, which means costs can go up or down at different times. At the same time, you should avoid an infinitely flexible budget because you might empty out your bank account before you can enjoy the brand new kitchen! 

Extra tip: Cabinetry often eats up a large portion of your budget since they take up a decent amount of real estate in your kitchen. Don’t be shocked! 

Tip 3: Ask a professional

Fixing up your kitchen can be a massive undertaking and may be daunting at times. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help from experts. Professionals can make your kitchen rework experience much easier. They can work with your plans and budget, bring your designs to life, see hurdles and future issues that can be avoided, and find the necessary people to make your kitchen the best it can be. Hiring professionals might seem more expensive at first, but they can actually save you some cash in the long run. 

Extra tip: Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for their credentials! You deserve to know if they’re fit for the job. 

Tip 4: Materials must be right for the room 

Choosing the appropriate materials for your kitchen will save you money in the long run. The right materials can prevent accidents, loss due to damage, and the need for multiple repairs. For example, your walls, flooring, and ceiling should all be moisture-resistant and durable considering the daily stress your kitchen goes through with all the cooking, splattering, and spillage. Check out various HardieFlex® Boards that can serve as a strong foundation for your kitchen. 

Extra tip: When in doubt, test it out! Try to get samples of the different materials you’ll need before buying in large quantities. 

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Tip 5: Don’t leave appliance selection for last 

Imagine finishing your kitchen only to realize that the fancy refrigerator does not fit in at all. What a nightmare! Mapping out the placement of your appliances, especially the big ticket items like refrigerators and stoves, should happen early in your renovation process. Choosing your appliances first can make selecting proper cabinets and countertops much easier. 

Extra tip: Remember to consider appliances that require more space when being used, such as a refrigerator or oven whose doors need to be opened all the way for maximum convenience. 

Tip 6: A backsplash boosts the look 

Adding a gorgeous backsplash creates a focal point that punctuates your aesthetic and livens up the whole room. Be a little adventurous with the color and material choice; maybe go for tiles of a similar tone to your cabinets but a different shade or pattern. Have fun with the backsplash but remember to consider the material, its maintenance, and how it’ll stand up to the stress of your kitchen.

Extra tip: Using magnetized material can become storage and free up some counter space. 

Source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/930767447962266659/

Tip 7: Don’t take lights lightly 

Proper lighting in the kitchen can help the space glow and it can also prevent cooking-related accidents (chopping vegetables in a poorly lit room is not advisable). Putting your workspace right beside the window can help make use of natural lighting. If sunlight is scarce, adding stylish, yet functional, lighting fixtures can save the day and even upgrade your kitchen’s overall appearance. 

Extra tip: Think about the type and placement of lighting fixtures. For example, hanging lights placed too close to the cooking area may be ruined by oil splatters and smoke. 

Tip 8: Focus on adding storage, not space 

Adding more space is quite difficult, but adding more storage is cheaper and simpler. Consider using unused space on your walls to add a few sturdy shelves that can hold small appliances or glassware. Investing in proper cabinetry, complete with dividers or built-in lazy susans, may be expensive in the short-term but it’ll prevent you from spending on additional cabinets or drawers in the future.

Extra tip: When choosing cabinetry, try grabbing and pulling the handles before committing. Some handles may look gorgeous but are difficult to grab or have sharp edges that can get caught in your clothing. 

There’s a lot to consider for kitchen remodeling but hopefully you enjoy the process and end up creating a space that your family will love for many years to come. If you’re already starting your renovation and need materials, check out our store