Dos and Don’ts for your accent wall

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Dos and Don’ts for your accent wall


If you want to add more personality to your room, then an accent wall is one of the better options. Basically it’s a wall that has a different look and feel compared to the other walls in your room. It can be as simple as a different color, but you can also switch things up with the textures and materials. Sounds fun right?   from:

Now, you want your accent wall to pop and not flop. So here are a few accent wall do's and don’ts for your next room renovation. Do: Make sure your wall compliments the room

An accent wall can be an exciting opportunity to try out bold ideas, but make sure that your idea does not clash with the rest of the room. This is true for choosing colors too, a highly contrasting color can be jarring.  Again, if the accent wall does not compliment the other walls then the attraction becomes a distraction.

Don’t: Randomly pick a wall

When choosing a wall, go for one that has focal points that can benefit from having a unique backdrop. Focal points can be your bed’s headboard, a mantel, or a TV. A window is also a good focal point but be mindful of using dark colors as it can cause a bright light effect. 

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Do: Think more than just solid colors

Your accent wall is supposed to add flair to your room. Now, there’s nothing wrong with just a different color for your accent wall. But, you can explore other things like stripes and patterns. Also, don’t be afraid to consider bold colors as they may work just as well as a fun pattern. However, it will still depend on your taste.

Don’t: Overcrowd your room

When you’re planning out the room, consider the things that will be in it. If your room will be filled with decor like lamps or vases, then an accent wall might be too much and the room will look cluttered. So be sure to account for that before you consider an accent wall.

Do: Consider texture

There’s more to accent walls than just a different color or pattern. You can use tiles, wood, or even stone. There are alot of other ways to play around with an accent wall like using fabric and shelving. Just look around for inspiration. You don’t have to be limited by paint. 

Don’t: Limit yourself to a wall

Although it is in the name, your accent wall does not have to be a wall. There are other parts of the room that you can use to accent it. A good alternative is the ceiling. It’s becoming more popular these days to add color to the ceiling. With the help of white moldings to separate the colors of the walls and the ceiling, this alternative can be a stylish new approach you can use too.

These are just a few things to consider for your next room renovation project. But remember, that you’re building your dream home and our tips are just here to help. But, if you want more home improvement tips, project inspirations, and product information, visit our website. Your dream home can be your real home, #ItsPossible with James Hardie.