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Every Space Matters - House Edition


Every once in a while, we become drawn into splurging different items, that can be a necessity or simply a luxury. And when times come that we forget about these purchases, they will be locked in a storage room, or sometimes around our houses. This might be fine for a couple of months or so, but if they are neglected for so long, they will turn into a clutter that surrounds our living spaces, which is quite annoying per se. However, a monthly general house cleaning and proper usage of spaces will do the trick, turning these unnecessary items organized, and making your living spaces neat again.


Declutter your space

All houses are unique on their own, they differ in size and appearance. But for a small house, proper usage of space is a must. Thus, the first thing to do to maximize every space in your house is to declutter. We know it is hard, but once in a while, it is necessary to throw away the things that are no longer beneficial to us. This is to make room for other things, or simply a way to make your house more spacious to live in


Make use of vertical spaces

Organizing stuff has been commonly done in a horizontal manner, which in result occupying a lot of space in your house. Thus, we must be creative and use other storing and organizing methods, like making it vertical. It avoids making the space look bulky and cluttered, but can also leave you with more space for storage. A high ceiling on the other hand is beneficial for this manner. You can use the height for more spacious storage.


Stop buying things, if there are not enough spaces at home

Well, simply put, your house will be more spacious if you only buy the necessary things, that can be accommodated by your house. Because any decluttering and general cleaning will be useless if you keep on buying things, that won’t fit in your house. Yes, sometimes buying stuff can be relaxing, but what’s more relaxing is having a spacious house that won’t give you trouble breathing because of limited space.

Thus, in your net purchases, always keep in mind that you have to bring these things at home, so, it is necessary to think of where to store them after usage. But if you really want to purchase something but it does not fit your home anymore, maybe a little house renovation is what you need. 

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