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How to Build a Man Cave


If you’ve never heard of a man cave, it’s an area inside your house where you can do things in private, such as watching movies, playing games or just hanging out. It’s a place where you can escape from the grind of daily life and to quickly rest and unwind. As the name implies, a man cave is for guys only so it’s off-limits to everybody else.


Here are things to consider when building a man cave:



A man cave is primarily a happy space. Use your interests as a guide on how your man cave should look and feel. Recreate a bar from the 1930s! Design an homage to your favorite movie characters! Build your very own throne room!



You’ll need electricity and light to power your gadgets and appliances. Thinking of adding a fridge, beer cooler and a couple of wide screen TVs? Make sure you have enough power for them all.



If it’s just a place for you alone, a small area might be okay. But if friends are coming over to watch the game with you, then you need something bigger. Plan accordingly.



Get proper tables and chairs if you’re into card and board games. For movie nights, get recliners, a cushy couch and some bean bags.  Remember, comfort is key!


 Durable man caves start with HardieFlex®

Protecting your secret sanctuary from damage is a priority. HardieFlex® is resistant to fire, moisture & termite – which can contribute to building man caves that are durable.


So, on your next renovation project, convert that extra room inside the house or an unused space in your garage or attic, to your own version of paradise. Thinking of building a man cave now? Contact us and we can help you get started!