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How to Transform Your Space into a Home Office

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Let’s face it, commuting to and from work has become quite a challenge, with the worsening traffic and all.

Because of this, certain companies have allowed their employees to work from home. If you are fortunate enough to be given this opportunity, it's important to have a space that is conducive for work.

To design and build a proper home office, here are things to think about:


Do your research

Ideas and inspirations are everywhere - from the internet, books to people. If you come across an idea you like for, say, office ceiling design, small house interior design, interior walls or wall décor, bookmark it, snap a picture or write it down for future reference.


Identify the right space

Just because you have an extra room doesn’t mean it’s the right one for your home office. Will your job require a big area, a small one or something in between? Choose the part of the house that suits your needs. Will you need a bit of quiet and privacy while working? Install low-maintenance partitions and wall interiors.


Balance comfort and work efficiency

Being comfortable while working is important. However, it’s easy to lose focus and miss deadlines in an environment that’s too relaxed.

An ergonomic office chair provides that feel of the office even while working at home. If you have people over for a project, have a couple of bean bags for meetings and brainstorming sessions.


Bring nature in

Plants removes impurities in your work area and improves air quality. Plus, looking at all that natural green is good for the eyes!


Maximize natural light

Save on energy costs by utilizing windows to illuminate your space. More importantly, an open window provides a welcome break from the grind of work.



Your home office design should reflect who you are. Place toy figures on your desk or shelf, a painting or two on walls, your collection of vinyl record covers on another – the combinations are endless!

Invest in quality, durable materials

When you decide to renovate interior walls or change the ceiling design, consider using the real HardieFlex durable fiber cement boards. HardieFlex fiber cement boards are resistant to damage caused by fire, moisture, or termites,  and contains no asbestos.

Think about it: your home office is where you’ll be spending most of your time working. So, create one that lets you focus, be productive and happy! Call us and we’ll help you get started!