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Is Your Home Climate Change-Ready?


In the past few years, we’ve experienced more typhoons, rains, and temperature extremes than ever before. The reason? Climate change. So, it is important to have a home that can withstand the effects of varying weather conditions of the Philippines.


To reduce the effects of climate change on where you live, here’s what you can do:


Inspect your windows & doors from cracks and opening

Replace old, damaged windows & doors and install weatherstripping to stop energy-wasting air leaks. Also, if certain windows face the sun for long periods of time, why not install window tint? These tips can reduce heat coming into your home and makes air-conditioning much more efficient.


Check overall ventilation

When the hot season comes around, you want a good air circulation flow inside your home. Installing ventilation will make your home cool and allow removal of heat load.


Update your roofing

Consider using materials that can protect your home from a range of weather conditions. Asphalt shingles are designed to resist the elements - strong winds, extreme rainfall, and hail. If budget allows, consider installing solar panels on your roof to use natural sunlight as energy for your home.


Durable homes start with HardieFlex

Outside of your home - Eaves, along with gutters, help reduce water damage by redirecting rainfall and moisture from your home. Hardieflex Eaves have been designed to withstand torrential typhoons and strong wind loads, and it can also help to naturally cool the house by reducing heat load during hot season. Moreover, Hardieflex Eaves are resistant to moisture damage, termite damage and are deemed non-combustible and low in volatile organic compounds as tested in the Green Mark Standard in Singapore.


Is your home ready for the effects of climate change? Contact us today and we’ll help you plan on what you can do next.